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MemberDrive is built to make your supporters happy. We've thought of just about everything to make supporting your cause easy and fun.

Fundraising on Autopilot

Recurring memberships are on by default. Set up and personalize your campaign in just a few minutes and you're ready to start accepting recurring donations.

Do more with recurring memberships

Engage with content

Keep your members engaged and coming back with special content and members-only content.

Engage your members with custom campaign content

Get to Know Your Top Fundraisers

Turn fundraising into a game and keep track of your top fundraisers with a glance at your leaderboard.

Fundraising Leaderboard helps you Get to Know Your Top Fundraisers

(Self)Serve Your Members

Help your members help themselves with easy login. Check donation history, upgrade memberships, and engage with your content online.

No Monthly Fees. Ever.

Only pay when you earn money.

platform fee for membership payments through MemberDrive.
Stripe fees also apply.
  • Campaigns - Fundraise for anything.
  • Stripe Integration - Easily accept online payments.
  • Variable Plans - Members can choose their support level.
  • Fundraisers - Let members do your fundraising.
  • Leaderboard - Incentivize giving.
  • Recurring Memberships - Fundraising on autopilot.

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