Why MemberDrive

Why MemberDrive

MemberDrive turns donors into engaged members who are invested in the success of your organization’s mission.

Do These Fundraising Questions Sound Familiar?

  • How can I get my donors to give more consistently?
  • How can I keep my members up-to-date on what’s happening in our campaign?
  • How can I get my donors to re-up their commitment?

MemberDrive makes it easy for you to engage your members using several powerful features:

  • Gamification: Friendly competition through leaderboards where members invite friends to contribute
  • Recurring Donations put “Fundraising on Autopilot”
  • With Pledges, members commit to a larger total contribution amount
  • Self-Service puts your members in control of their giving
  • Member Content gives members exclusive updates on how their contributions are helping your campaign
  • Self-Custody ensures that members donations go directly to you and cannot be blocked, held up, or confiscated
  • Low cost: MemberDrive has best-in-class pricing, ensuring you keep more of your money

Read on to learn about your first unfair advantage with MemberDrive: Gamification.

Or if you are ready to get started for free, sign up now for MemberDrive and start raising money. We'll give you a personalized, one-on-one onboarding to help you get set up if you have any questions.