Why MemberDrive Member Login & Self-Service

Self-Service for Member Donations

Members can easily login to give, update their membership, check their leaderboard status, and download giving statements.
Self-Service puts your members in control of their giving

Why Letting Your Donors Control Their Giving Makes Sense

  • Members feel greater trust in your organization when they can self-service 
    • Members have greater confidence to give to you
  • You spend less time and money manually managing members’ contributions
  • Members can: 
    • Update their own address and personal information
    • Manage and pay their pledges
    • Quickly make a one-time or recurring donation
    • Download pledge statements, donation receipts, and giving statements
    • Copy and share their magic link to share your campaign
    • View leaderboard status and see their member recruits
Let your members manage their own donations and free yourself up for focusing on making your campaign a success!

Nothing makes donors feel more uneasy that not being able to manage their own donations.

For instance, if they set up a recurring donation, and need to cancel it or modify it, but the online fundraising platform does not allow them to do self-service, now they have to call or email someone at the organization to make changes.

Donors may feel very guilty to call someone to cancel a donation. While that may make them donate a while longer, it engenders negative feelings and sentiment against the organization and will make the donor reluctant to ever donate again and to recommend that organization to friends for donation purposes.

For the organization, in allowing self-service you also save manpower and time in having to manually manage each donation when a member wants to make a change. Saving manpower and time saves money and helps you put more of your money and effort into the success of your mission rather than annoying busywork that also alienates your donors.

MemberDrive puts your donors in control with self-service of their donations. That's the way it should be and a non-negotiable for us.

Sign up now with MemberDrive. We'll give you a personalized, one-on-one onboarding to help you get set up if you have any questions.

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