Guides OneCause vs Fundly vs MemberDrive

OneCause vs Fundly vs MemberDrive

Compare the pricing and features between OneCause, Fundly, and MemberDrive. Which is the best online fundraising platform?


OneCause and Fundly and MemberDrive are all online fundraising platforms that allow individual and non-profits to receive donations for their projects.

We'll review each of these services here and compare them to each other in a head-to-head comparison.


Note: all online fundraising platforms charge a standard 2.9% + $0.30 base fee for processing credit card payments (2.2% if that organization is a verified charity via Stripe), so the pricing here is anything in addition to that standard fee.

OneCause: Opaque/non-disclosed.

Fundly: 4.9%

MemberDrive: 1%

For OneCause, they have three different pricing plans with varying features, but you must request a consultation with them to find out how much it will cost you.

Result: MemberDrive comes out way ahead here.

Fundly charges a hefty 4.9% platform fee in addition to the standard fee of about 3%, so almost 8% of your donors' contributions do not make it to you. Compare that to just 1% platform fee for MemberDrive.

OneCause may be fantastic, but it's a red flag when an online fundraising company does not transparently publish their pricing. It makes one feel like the price is high. Could be a wrong impression, but you have to set up a consultation with them to find out.

Best For

OneCause: Good for non-profits doing physical events and needing things like guest check-in, ticketing, table management. It's an all-in-one package for that.

Fundly: Small nonprofits who think automated social media sharing is the main way to their success.

MemberDrive: Nonprofits of all sizes who want the lowest fees to maximize their donors' contributions, with all the key features included.

Notable Features

OneCause: Events, ticketing, table management

Fundly: Automated social media sharing

MemberDrive: Leaderboard gamification, Pledges, Member Content Updates, Embeddable donation forms

Result: These three platforms have different focus areas, with OneCause having tooling around hosting Events, and Fundly letting you set up automatic social media shares.

MemberDrive on the other hand, delivers all the key fundraising features without stuff you aren't going to use or don't really need.

Reviews and Ratings

OneCause reviewers really like how it makes their annual events and auctions possible. They also appreciate the customer support when they get overwhelmed by the software.

Some reviewers found the usability challenging and confusing.

Fundly reviewers generally liked the platform once they were able to get used to it and figure out how to do things in it, which was not always straightforward.

Some reviewers found the reporting very difficult to navigate and understand.

One user review of MemberDrive said: "We are using MemberDrive as our pledge and payment processing platform for a capital campaign to raise funds for a new church building. 

The end user experience for our donors is seamless. For us as the organization, the backend is feature-rich and easy to use, allowing us to use it as our donor-management platform.

The website as a whole is impressively well thought out and well executed and we are very happy with it. I highly recommend it."

Overall Value

OneCause focuses on events, so if your fundraising needs center around annual dinners and galas, defintely set up a consultation call with them.

Fundly is a general platform with quite a few features with an emphasis on social media automation.

MemberDrive is a smaller company, charges the lowest fees (just 1% with no monthly charge), and offers a one-on-one concierge onboarding to help you get started or to migrate over from your current donation platform.

If you want to take advantage of that personalized onboarding, just sign up on MemberDrive and we will jump on a call with you.

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