What's New in MemberDrive

Nov 10, 2020
MemberDrive Team
MemberDrive Fans
Hey! I’m really excited to let you know about a few new features that I’ve been working on with MemberDrive. Just this week we’ve gotten some fun new toys:
  • Members-only posts
  • Rich text editor
  • Drag and drop images
  • Magic YouTube links
  • Email Receipts

Members-Only Posts

Members-only content is a great way to get content out to members, and also to entice non-members to join! And it’s so easy to use. In the post editor, just check the box for “Members only”.
members-only.png 25.5 KB

When someone who’s not a member visits your MemberDrive campaign page, they’ll see a little teaser of the post, and a “Join Now” button.

join-now.png 53.4 KB

After they join, they’ll be able to see the full post.
members-only-full-post.png 120 KB

The neat thing is that your members can still share this post, even if it’s members-only. If they do, new visitors will be invited to join your campaign. It’s a great way to influence new signups.
share.png 162 KB

Rich Text Editor

With Drag & Drop Images and Magic YouTube
Now it’s so easy to upload images. Now you can just drag them into the post editor, and they’ll automatically show up in your post. Wow!
You can also paste images, so for example if you have copied an image into your clipboard, just use your browser’s paste command and it’ll automatically show up in the post. Wow again!
Another neat trick is that you can embed a YouTube video just by pasting the web address. After the post is saved, it’ll magically turn into an embedded video.
rich-text-editor.png 219 KB

Here’s what the published post looks like…

published.png 351 KB

Email Receipts

We now have really nice looking email receipts that can be sent to the member after a payment is received.
email-receipts.png 280 KB

Email receipts are turned off by default. You’ll probably want to turn off the receipts that are automatically sent by Stripe, otherwise your members will get two emails - one from us and another from Stripe.
To do that, login to Stripe and go to Settings, Emails, and un-check the box for “Email customers about successful payments”.
Then, go to MemberDrive, click on Manage, Notifications, and then put a check in the box for “Member Receipt”.

What's Next?

I have a lot of exciting features planned. The ones that I’m most looking forward to are…
  • Rewards - give incentives in the form of real gifts for members who reach certain achievements. For example, you could give a welcome packet to new members, or give a special gift to members who give over a certain amount.
  • Custom recurring amounts - Enable members to type in how much they want to give, rather than forcing them to choose from predefined plans.
  • Member fundraising pages - Let your members do the fundraising.

What do you think? Do you have ideas about what we should work on next? Let me know at [email protected].