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The opportunity for successful reproductive health, human development and health and wellbeing education in the USA

Funding goes directly to the creation and launch of our programs in the developed world! The way we educate is innovative, respectful and age appropriate. There needs to be a complete overhaul of new options ASAP in our schools systems and available for in-home education for families. We are also excited to expand our work into foster care programs, shelters, safe houses and restoration facilities. 

What We Observe

Reproductive and sexual health education along with personal development are important topics at any age, but are crucial as youth prepare, go through and navigate puberty.

Many young people in the USA struggle with puberty and the changes they  experience both physically and emotionally. Intimate conversations with trusted adults give confidence, self-worth and prepare them for the critical choices they'll need to make throughout their teen years and into adulthood.

LETS has witnessed first-hand how lack of education on these subjects can result in youth insecurity, vulnerability, heartache and disempowered choices, including unintended pregnancies. 

With your help, this will change through a new LETS curriculum that will address specific issues and opportunities for USA youth in reproductive health, human development and health and wellbeing.   

We believe there is an immediate need for respectful, accurate and age-appropriate information that is readily accessible to parents, schools and healthcare providers. LETS education fills a gap not currently being addressed and we are excited to partner with those interested in empowering our youth.  

Imagine young people in the USA having the power to have honest conversations about the changes going on for them and feeling happier and having a sense of peace within themselves. Imagine young people who have gone through puberty making informed and positive decisions when it comes to the tricky aspects of intimacy and relationships. Imagine parents, caregivers and educators having the ability to articulate and create relationship with those they love. LETS is passionate and ready to step in the gap to educate and empower.

Your Amazing Body focuses on empowering youth

Support curriculum development of Your Amazing Body - a program about puberty for 9-11 year olds

LETS is drawing upon years of experience in teaching reproductive health, human development and basic health and wellbeing education to develop a program that educates children aged 9-11 about puberty and the specific changes their bodies and their brains will undergo. The course will also help students develop a healthy mindset around these changes, empower them with effective communication skills, teach them how to have respect for self and others and foster self-worth and self-acceptance.

Your Amazing Body builds communication skills and self-worth

As boys and girls encounter different challenges and opportunities the training content is split into boys and girls classes. 

The girls class will provide more in-depth training on the female menstrual cycle and the signs and symptoms that girls can experience during each phase of their cycle and provide opportunity for discussion and reflection. The boys will also cover the female changes but will focus on relevant information and conversations specific to their needs.

The curriculum is still under development. The proposed topics are:
  • The benefits of understanding and preparing for puberty.
  • How it all starts - hormones and body changes.
  • Changes to the brain.
  • Managing feelings and emotions.
  • Talking with others.
  • Sleep changes.
  • The reproductive system - male and female.
  • The menstrual cycle including managing menstruation and how to make your period easier. 
  • Self-acceptance. 
  • Boundaries - personal and boundaries with others. 
  • Respecting others and yourself. 
  • Personal safety - online and face-to-face.
  • OPTIONAL LETS bracelets - helping young women understand their menstrual cycle through use of the bracelet. 
Initial beta runs of this program have helped children feel confident as they go through puberty and feel more connected with their bodies. The students stayed engaged and really enjoyed the interactive experience. Parents and teachers have given us excellent feedback and have been delighted with the content.

This program still has additional development and funds are needed to create a full scale program. Your contributions will go towards creating the online instructor and student curriculum for Your Amazing Body. You can pioneer this work with us and we'll keep you informed of its development every step of the way.

LETS plans to build curriculum that helps to educate teenagers and college/university students

Further curriculum development - educating teenagers and college/university students

We are also looking to develop a program for teenagers and college/university students which will contain more specifics about how to navigate life choices, particularly around intimacy and reproductive health. This program will provide a stabilizing influence for young people and help them to create hopeful futures. This campaign will commence after the campaign for building the Your Amazing Body curriculum. If you're interested in discussing this program or Your Amazing Body email LETS at [email protected].

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