Farewell to Randy Jean- Claude

Aug 22, 2022
Kristin Van Wey
Haiti Education and Empowerment Campaign
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This month LETS farewells a truly inspirational leader. 
Randy Jean-Claude (front center) has been our Port Salut Community Director for the last 2+ years and has been the backbone of LETS growth in the region. 
Under her leadership, numerous LETS instructors, LETS artisans and LETS farmers have been trained to feel confident in their jobs. She's created opportunities across the region for teaching the LETS Training Programs in community centers, medical centers, schools and churches. She's been diligent and effective during times of great crisis including the Haitian earthquake, office moves, energy crises and significant community unrest - leading her team to rise up and help those affected. 
Our LETS team in Port Salut have faced great challenges and Randy has always been there to offer support and find ways to lift the spirits of those she works with. She's a great believer in mental health training and has conducted regular training sessions with staff to empower them to adapt strategies to excel in life.  
Above all Randy has been passionate about LETS, she's seen first-hand lives transformed when people have the information they need to take control of their bodies and their health. She's stuck with us during the good times and the bad and we're grateful for her. Randy will be taking on a new and exciting opportunity for further study. We wish her all the best! 
LETS is currently interviewing for the position and we look forward to expanding on her legacy.