The Haiti crisis

Our research has demonstrated that the majority of the Haitian population haven't been educated in reproductive health and human development. Over half the students we teach did not know how pregnancy occurs prior to attending their first LETS class. 
  • 61% have not learned about the female reproductive system.
  • 62% have not learned about the male reproductive system. 
Lack of education throughout Haiti has resulted in unplanned pregnancies en masse and an estimated 500,000 plus children becoming restaveks (child slaves). The earthquake in 2010 which devastated the population also resulted in a large number of orphaned children who became homeless and many have been trafficked. 

Teaching in a Haiti community

What LETS is doing in Haiti

LETS has been in Haiti for over five years and has an active team of Haitian instructors who are teaching the LETS Training Program to communities across Haiti. We teach using a LETS Bracelet which helps women track their menstrual cycle including their most fertile phase.

We follow up with our students approximately 3 months after their training has been completed. Our survey results show: 
  • 98% of our female students have not become pregnant while using the LETS bracelets and implementing the LETS training if their intention was not to become pregnant.
  • 82% said of the female students said that this was the first time they've learned about their menstrual cycle. 
  • 94% of the female students are continuing to use the LETS bracelet to not become pregnant. 
Your donations will support our instructor team to reach more communities which will result in fewer children being born into households that don't have the resources to take care of them. 

Helping youth understand their menstrual cycle via the LETS Training Program and the LETS Bracelets

Your donations will also support the jobs of our farmers who grow the majok seeds that are used in LETS bracelets and our dedicated artisans who build the bracelets.

We witness everyday stories from our team of women who realize, for the first time, that they have the power to decide whether or not they wish to become pregnant. We also see the men comprehend how they can support their women and build a brighter future together. We can't wait to update you on how your support is transforming lives.

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