About Haiti

Mar 28, 2021
Ryan Heneise
Haiti Agroforestry Mission Members only
Haiti is a mountainous land occupying the western one-third of the island of Hispaniola.  About 80% of the population lives in abject poverty. Nearly 70% of all Haitians depend on the agriculture sector, which consists mainly of small-scale subsistence farming and employs about two-thirds of the economically active work force. The country has experienced little job creation since President Preval...Continue reading

Spring 2011 Cholera Outbreak Update

Mar 1, 2011
Ryan Heneise
Haiti Agroforestry Mission
We thank God for all of you who have been praying faithfully for the ministry of Haiti Hope Fund and for the suffering people of Haiti. We thank you for your generous gifts that have provided tremendous relief in Haiti following the horrendous earthquake of 2010, and for your continuing efforts to provide desperately needed medical supplies during the on-going...Continue reading

Spring 2010 Earthquake News

Mar 24, 2010
Carly Heneise
Haiti Agroforestry Mission Members only
Thank you for your outpouring of support for the survivors of the earthquake disaster in Haiti. Haiti Hope Fund has been able to respond in rapid and effective ways to get help to Haiti, in those areas where it has been needed most. The North Haiti Christian University campus survived intact, with minimal damage to buildings and facilities, and no...Continue reading

January 2010 Earthquake News

Jan 14, 2010
Ken Heneise
Haiti Agroforestry Mission
Thank you for inquiring about this major disaster that came upon Haiti with that KILLER QUAKE.  The whole country is in shock by this terrible event. I do have one brother and a nephew and five nieces living in Port au Prince. So far one of my nieces is unaccounted for. They just don’t know what happened to her yet. ...Continue reading