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by Haiti Hope Fund

How It All Got Started

Dec 19, 2023
Haiti Hope Fund Team
Haiti Agroforestry Mission
[IMG_E1718small.jpg] Sometime in 1984 I took my son Ryan to visit a piece of land, about 6 acres, up in the steep mountains of Northern Haiti (my wife Debbie and I were agricultural missionaries to Haiti at that time). God had put into my heart a dream of organizing a camping/training area for Haitian young people to teach them concepts...Continue reading

Helping the Least of These

Dec 19, 2023
Haiti Hope Fund Team
Rural Medical Clinics Assistance
[Carly with Emerson.JPG] We often don't have much of a clue when God chooses to place a dream in our hearts and minds, or a call upon our lives. Such was the case when our daughter Carly while she was in college. She had an opportunity to go back to Haiti on a short term medical mission (she was majoring...Continue reading

Drop Your Nets On The Other Side of Your Boat

Dec 19, 2023
Haiti Hope Fund Team
Haiti Reef Restoration
[Sailboat08.JPG] The coastal waters of Haiti have been adversely affected by two primary factors: the deforestation and destruction of steep mountains in the upper watershed areas of local rivers, which leads to deposits of silt in the coastal waters and onto coastal reefs; and the difficulty of fishermen to get farther out to sea where mature fish are located. Their...Continue reading

Severe Hunger Threatens Haitian People

Oct 12, 2022
Ken Heneise
Ten Thousand Bowls of Rice
Haiti is a country in terrible turmoil without a functioning government or police force. Most businesses are closed and very few people are able to work or earn a living. Hunger is everywhere, and starvation is a real possibility for many people. We at Haiti Hope Fund have discovered a way to get small amounts of money into that country...Continue reading