Haiti Hope Fund has been engaged in providing support for mission efforts in Haiti for over 30 years. During that time we have provided direct aid for elementary schools, funded music camps and conferences, assisted students at North Haiti Christian University (UCNH) with scholarships, delivered urgently needed funding and medicines to rural clinics, and helped in-country agencies with disaster relief funds. Our primary means of reaching and informing our supporters about these needs has been through printed newsletters. Historically, many supporters have trusted us to direct their gifts to the most needed projects and programs, designating their gifts for "As Needed". Times have changed and now need to use Social Media to reach our supporters, so we are developing our new funding model, and Member Drive is assisting with that. So we have to create a campaign that identifies the funding need for operational expenses - what used to be called As Needed,  that would provide the resources to pay for the "costs of doing mission work" and keep these operational costs separated from the incountry campaigns. Hence the name Keep the Home Fires Burning.

Historic Chapel at UCNH - North Haiti Christian University