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Our mission is to reduce hunger in Haiti through promotion and demonstration of regenerative agriculture. We do this by: 
  • Establishing demonstration farms throughout the country using agroforestry and regenerative farming methods. 
  • Employing local farmers to maintain our farms. 
  • Partnering with local farmers and establishing Syntropic plantings on their own farms, and cooperating with them in ongoing maintenance of their farm. 
  • Purchasing land  to establish farms and watershed areas to establish reforestation projects. 
  • Hosting free seminars to teach regenerative agricultural techniques and methodologies. 
  • Providing scholarships for farmers and agriculturalists to study regenerative agriculture abroad. 
  • Publishing brochures and illustrated guidebooks in Haitian Creole to disseminate knowledge 

About Haiti Hope Fund

Haiti Hope Fund was established in 1993 by missionaries Harold and Ivah Heneise to support education and evangelization in Haiti.