LETS - fearless education to empower lives

LETS empowers women, couples and young people to make informed choices about their reproductive health, human development and basic health and wellbeing through proven education and tools. Our instructors create relationships with students over the course of 6 lessons and two follow up assessments. They cover topics that are the foundation of self-reliance which move individuals and families in the direction of independence and empowerment such as: establishing daily habits within their mind, body, spirit and environment.

Research has shown that this type of education is key to preventing unplanned pregnancies, improving quality of life and stopping human trafficking, poverty and abuse before it begins.

LETS employs numerous local farmers, artisans, educators and directors who also receive training on personal and leadership development. They further our reach by taking these skills and confidence into their families and communities. Launched in Haiti, this program is now scaling into 45+ countries in collaboration with dōTERRA international Co-Impact Sourcing Initiative.

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