Haiti PEACE Project was created to assist with schools and community Empowerment in Haiti  PEACE Stands for Promoting Education and Community Empowerment.  We have worked hard over the last 12 years and we have partnered with 3 schools which are running at their full capacity, educating over 850 students as well as one vocational school and an Agricultural Project in 3 farming communities all in Carrefour, Haiti.  In Haiti, school isn't free and approximately 50% of children do not get to attend school and even more attend some school, but not with any consistency.  Providing schooling for students is a key part of helping to empower children to grow and reach to improve Haiti.  We launched into the community empowerment with Agricultural Projects and Medical Missions.  Our agriculture project benefits the students at our schools for small space gardening and 75 families in two communities as they learn to best plant for their land to feed their families and to be able to sell some of their produce providing income for their families and food for surrounding families.  Our Medical Missions have made two endeavors to provide a multitude of services including general health, scabies treatments, dentistry and more.  We've partnered to open a Vocational School for approximately 100 students.  The school offers seamstress/tailoring, electric, plumbing, tiling and refrigeration repair.  We hope to launch a community center to benefit one of our schools as our next big project.  Stay tuned!