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Nov 11, 2021
Director, Jackie Cochenour
Annual Fund
We are just beginning to launch and it couldn't be without your help that we are here today and will continue our efforts moving forward. Sharing the task force's initiative to your social media channels is incredibly helpful. To help, copy/paste the following message and the link to our newest video! We are mightier in numbers and look forward to...Continue reading

We did it!

Sep 30, 2021
Sheriff Randy Strong
Annual Fund
[news-default.jpeg] On September 29th, the Nodaway County Sheriff's office received word that Governor Parson awarded our office and 18 other agencies across the state critical funding to serve our children. In his announcement, Governor Parson said “The rise in crimes reported against children during the COVID-19 pandemic and the strains on agencies that detect, investigate, and prosecute those criminals made...Continue reading